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This could be a spring like no other

I've been away from my office for about a week now. In that short time away things have changed a lot; trees are blossoming, the grass needs a good mow and the weeds are rampant.

Spring, in the mortgage world, traditionally used to be a time of new campaigns and activity too. This season though feels much different.  While there is demand for loans, it just seems the lenders are struggling to do the deals.

A presentation over the weekend by ANZ Head of Mortgages, Glenn Stevenson, to the property investors conference summed this up well. While credit growth is strong, banks are struggling to pull in deposit funds to fund mortgage demand. We will have a video of this later in the week.

We do have a new video featuring CoreLogic Head of Research Jonno Ingerson. In it he provides a good update on what is happening in the housing market and gives some insight into what property investors are doing. 

Interestingly some of CoreLogic's latest data suggests investors still remain incredibly active, just not necessarily in the Auckland market.

Mortgage Link held its conference last week in Rotorua. We have an update on what the group is doing at the moment in our news section. The theme of the conference was about building sustainable businesses. It was a good one for mortgage advisers in this market.

One speaker suggested a business had to change 20% each year just to stand still. My guess is that mortgage advisers are dealing with incredible change at the moment and 20% would be the bare minimum.

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