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A voice for the little guys; Another bank to enter broker market

Last week TMM held its annual Round Table discussion. Here we get together a group of industry experts to discuss the biggest issues facing mortgage advisers.

At the table we had reps from ANZ, SBS, RESIMAC, First Mortgage Trust, the PAA and several advisers. It's no surprise that regulation was a big issue.

This week we have rolled out the first episode of Good Returns TV. One item is a must watch for all RFAs.  It's an interview, we've called "A Voice for the Little Guys". Financial adviser Murray Weatherston, who has been heavily involved in changes to the Financial Advisers Act, gives you an idea of what lies ahead for mortgage advisers. 

You can watch the video here or

Download a podcast here

The results of the Round Table will be published in TMM which is due out in June. All going well, we will also have some video to show you.

Another bank to enter the market?

In the news it was interesting to see HSBC re-entering the broker market in Australia and not ruling out doing the same thing in New Zealand. HSBC can look at the success BNZ, SBS and The Co-operative Bank are having in this space to help them make their mind up. Considering something like 40% of loans come through advisers it is an obvious space to play in.

Interestingly, (and this shows my age) HSBC once were in the third party market, but exited it and sold part of its book to one of the other banks.

Our story is here and there is a little question at the end of it for you.


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