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Change is coming

Thanks to all the advisers who turned up to TMM's first conference totally dedicated to mortgage advice. We've had great feedback to the event, held at the Novotel in Auckland. Planning is already underway for the second conference next year.

There were many takeouts from the conference, but the one which recurred throughout the day was change. Yes we have had a change of government and that will bring about new thinking in the housing market and with the way the Reserve Bank is run.

But we are also facing economic change. This was a point well made by BNZ chief economist Tony Alexander. Indeed he suggested the tide had turned in the New Zealand economy, and he also talked about how the world is in unchartered territory, economically. The good news is that it's likely interest rates will remain at historically low levels.

Interestingly, later that night when Winston Peters announced NZ First would go into government with Labour, he too talked about economic change.

When it comes to change which impacts mortgage advisers then it's largely about regulation. The conference had a solid bock of content here to help those who attended understand the changes that are coming.

If you would like to register your interest for TMM's next mortgage conference then please send an email here.

- Philip Macalister

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