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Watch Financial Advice NZ CEO; Name the big issues for mortgage advice

The Reserve Bank's OCR announcement last week was an interesting one with the real possibility the next move could be a cut. Here's what the experts thought of the announcement.

Today Financial Advice New Zealand was officially born. Last week we filmed interviews as part of our next episode of Good Returns TV. Financial Advice NZ chief executive Katrina Shanks was one of our guests and you can get the first look at the interview here. 

In the piece she talks about the association's USP, ie: why advisers should join, how many members have signed up. She also provides more detail on the proposed Quality Service Mark. [WATCH HERE]

Tomorrow TMM is holding its annual Round Table event in Auckland. You will get to read about it in the next issue to TMM which is due out later this month.

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- Philip Macalister

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